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Our Initiative

Healthy US® begins with a multi-dimensional platform for consumer engagement called TakeCare. While it is our first initiative it will not stand alone. We envision a robust portfolio of consumer-facing platforms to ensure we reach and engage individuals – those who are unaware of Whole Health or do not believe it is for them, as well as those most in need. Logo

TakeCare is changing the way we think about health and well-being

TakeCare is a national initiative that invites people to take care of their Whole Health: Mind, Body, Spirit, and Community. Through education, community support, and highlighting the simple ways in which people have transformed their lives, TakeCare inspires a Whole Health movement for all.

With the rising cost of healthcare and increasing prevalence of life-threatening chronic diseases, health and well-being have become even more important; yet, too many people believe that they don’t have the power or the resources to take care of themselves. Healthy US® created TakeCare to address these challenges through powerful storytelling with simple tips and tools, like deep breathing and meditation, that are free, available to everyone, and have been scientifically proven to increase one’s health and well-being.

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